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                                                                    ABOUT US!

 HARMONIA, Greek goddess and daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, was married to Cadmus, King of Thebes. Legends say she would pour precious oils onto troubled waters, thereby bringing about peace, harmony and concord. 


As a small Alberta business, HARMONIA NATURALS strives to bring only the best to you, our customer. We source those same precious oils from around the globe to use in making our own line of personal care products. We also endeavor to include locally grown ingredients wherever possible as part of our growing product line. YOUR SATISFACTION is our goal as a company.


  • We only use ethically grown, naturally processed oils in our products. When possible, we will source organic, non-GMO ingredients which are ethically grown and managed in a sustainable manner. It is necessary for ALL OF US now, more than ever, to protect our fragile environment.  We do our best to ship in re-usable, recyclable or rapid-decomposing packaging. Harmonia will do whatever possible to minimize our environmental footprint, and work toward a safer, cleaner future.

  • By using only HIGH QUALITY ingredients in our products, the end result is exactly that...HIGH QUALITY. Our backbone oils and our specialty oils are all naturally extracted, squeezed or pressed from their native sources. This method ensures the end products are as close to their natural state as possible when we receive them at our workshop. Our essential oils are sourced in the same manner, to provide you with the highest natural quality economically possible. 

  • We believe in formulating and crafting a top quality product for a great price.  You will find our products last longer than store-bought, and provide more benefit over a much longer time. 

  • Understanding what goes into our products is essential, not only for our well being, but also for you, our customer.  We balance the natural properties of our ingredients to provide you with the best possible products without compromise. Have a question or concern? Email us. We will be happy to talk more about our ingredient properties and methods.

  • As we grow, we will strive to utilize more and more locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, setting Harmonia apart from the competition.

  • FINALLY, we do NOT test our finished products on animals, and only purchase ingredients from suppliers who do the same.   

                                                     THE HARMONIA VISION

  • TO PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS with Canadian handmade products using natural, organic, ethically grown ingredients which enhance daily living without damaging our already fragile environment. As a local, Central Alberta company, we strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity that we create our products, ensuring sustainability and great quality for all.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery, and appreciate your review on our products, good or bad! Honest critique is necessary for improvement, and, if we lack in a certain area, we want to make a correction to ensure your happiness and continued support as a customer. If you have questions about our ingredients, products, delivery, or shipping, PLEASE get in touch. We will always get back to you! 


Look and Feel Great


No matter the season, Mother Nature does her best to catch us off guard! Chapped lips, dry skin, we are continually searching for the best treatment for what ails us! HARMONIA NATURALS take great pride in providing you with completely natural remedies. Our soaps contain rich, moisturizing oils to clean and protect your skin. Our butters and balms provided the extended care you need to aid in repairing and protecting your skin in the harshest of our Canadian weather.